Glow Getter 2020

I don’t know about ya’all but one of the things always on my pregnant mind as my belly was expanding was, “How the f@ck am I going to lose all this weight?” Almost as if I only picked up weight when I fell pregnant. The lies we tell ourselves. The ugly truth about it all is that I had started piling on the kilos long before the thought of having a kid entered my mind. Now don’t get me wrong, I have never been skinny but I also never had a tummy like this yoh. I was and always will be a big ass girl; it is why the husband married me between all the other fabulous reasons (insert smug look).

Then that folklore became a reality and I picked up weight soon after I got married. Four years passed and I went from flat tummy, big ass and big boude[1] to a chubby, round, soft little 1.5 metre tall marshmallow. Precursor to being dik[2] and my weight rocketed to being 10 kilos overweight. It felt overnight but it was not; it was all one cheeseburger at a time.

Then I fell pregnant. I ate properly, I gymmed like a maniac with a personal trainer right up until two weeks before he made his grand appearance at a measly 2,92kilograms. But. Gosh. I picked up 25 kilos. At that point I was under this illusion that the breastfeeding-world gives you that I would lose soooooooo much weight while I was breastfeeding. But. Gosh. They were wrong. Even so much as looking at spinach and my milk supply dropped. I was so fixated on breastfeeding my kid that I didn’t care and the sandwich life became me. I dropped about 10 kilograms but then it just stayed there…at 25 kilos overweight. In between there was diets and “healthy lifestyle changes” and blah blah blah but always the cheeseburger called my name.

Fast forward four years and I am blessed to have another son. This time I followed my mom’s advice and ate traditional foods and a racing heartbeat early on in my pregnancy made me unable to exercise at all; literally walking up stairs left me breathless. I end up gaining 12.5 kilograms but remember I still have 15 kilos from my first pregnancy to deal with. This is why I was huffing and puffing at every turn. 39 weeks pass by and my second-born graces us with his presence at 3,4 kilograms of chubby. This time the breastfeeding myth does me right and within one month I have lost the 12.5 kilos and I am back at my “normal” weight. This time I wake up early and I am prepared; I have the RushTush® Momma Glow and I get straight into it. Hulk Juice and chicken salad with spinach and strawberries become a norm and I introduce myself to overnight oats (yummy if you ask me). My goal for 2020 is to lose ALL (and I mean ALL this freaking pregnancy weight). The #MommaGlow and treadmill is my savior and within two months, I have lost another 7 kilograms. Then lockdown hits and without an invitation here I am making banana bread almost as if your girl had no weight loss goals. Then it was crunchies, then sushi, then then then (insert all the excuses you have heard before). Plain and simple, I lost focus and I had no one to blame but myself. I picked up those 7 kilos almost as if they had never left.

Did I enjoy all that food? In the moment, YES!

Did I cry after I picked up the weight? Hell YES!

Was I disappointed in myself? Double YES!

But ain’t nobody got time to cry over spilt milk and crumbled cookies! Somewhere that decisive girl was still raring to go and focused on her goals and somehow the universe was still on my side. A serendipitous event landed me here at this point; 4,9 kilograms lighter, clearer skin, headaches and allergies gone, heart full and clothes becoming baggy.

I had seen an Instagram® story by RushTush® about the benefits of working out barefoot. And in between rushing from a work deadline to a virtual Virgin Active boxing class and Faeez locked in the room in an MS teams meeting, I was left without my gym shoes. So I went ahead and did the class barefoot. All is well that ends well at the end of the 29 minute class or so I thought. But nope, not the case for me. The next day I ended up hobbling everywhere. I tried to ignore it but after two weeks, I could not cope anymore. I needed help and went to a doctor. I must add that it was a doctor I had never gone to before, and it was her last day as a locum at this practice. She referred me to a Physiotherapist (also one I had never gone to before) with severe tendonitis. Fast forward to 6 October and I went for physio and immediately clicked with the therapist and we started chatting. I told her about how disappointed I was in myself and how I needed to do something. She told me that there was a nutritionist at the practice and that the day before she had started a detox program but was sure I could still get in touch. See where I am going with the serendipity over and over?

I got home to a million deadlines but messaged and emailed the nutritionist and by that night I had paid and was onboard. I could have let the fact I had “no healthy groceries” or the fact it was Wednesday 7th October and not a Monday or the fact that I had not planned and thought it through extensively stop me, but I didn’t. I had my RushTush® #Momma Glow knowledge and recipes and don’t they always say that weight loss is achieved 80% in the kitchen? I had a shitty ankle and could not exercise but I had shit load of spinach! I put my “big girl” panties on and made a commitment to myself that I would be become the healthiest 40-year-old breast-feeding #momofboys that I possibly could. The minute I made that commitment, everything fell into place. Yes, it was hard seeing people around me eat whatever they wanted to but it was even better the one morning I woke up and one tummy roll was gone. It was even better when the headaches stopped, my allergies took a back seat, I didn’t feel bloated after eating and when I could confidently say to someone “No thanks, I am good” even after they would say “It’s just one bite, it won’t kill you!” In those moments, I would always remember what Rushda says in her #glowcleanse “Memories are made through togetherness and family, NOT FOOD”.

It was almost as if the universe wanted me to come on this journey at this exact point in time. I literally watched an Instagram® story (talk about being influenced lol), got an injury and ended up making the best decision for myself due to a vrot[1] ankle (which probably was vrot because of my weight, let’s be frank!).

Then I saw another RushTush® post; yes, I am on the socials a lot lol. A Glow Getter 2020 Summer campaign. Yaassssssss I was ready but literally left the application until twenty minutes before midnight on the closing date. I poured my heart out, spoke my truth and crossed my fingers.

And Tuesday 3rd November I got the best news! I was chosen! I screamed like a banshee and my husband was like “wtf!” and then I cried that ugly cry. It felt/feels as if I have almost come full circle, what better way to continue on my weight loss journey than to be part of RushTush Glow Getter 2020 Summer campaign. Here I am exactly one month later and my heart is full.

I have done so many weight loss programs before, where there was prizes and incentives but nothing is as much incentive as when a woman puts her mind to something. I have a long way to go but I am armed with the best possible defenses, knowledge and fighting spirit.

Feel free to follow my journey and all the other Glow Getters on Instagram®, Facebook®, rushtushlife and of course, here, at Call me Nuz

Are you ready 😉

Yours Truly…

Call me Nuz

[1] Big Boude- Afrikaans for thick thighs

[2] Dik – Afrikaans for thick but to be read here as fat

[3] Vrot – Afrikaans for “Rotten”.

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