Push up to the Floor

I always thought that I loved working out in group classes. I used to go to the gym at work twice a week for a 45-minute insane, sweat dripping, breath-taking, HIIT class. I was once obsessed with the hip-sashaying, confidence boosting, whoop-whooping Zumba ® classes (where I actually met #mymainsqueeze and some of the best friends ever). However, in the last few weeks of my #glowgetter journey with the Rushtush ® team I have discovered that I absolutely freaking LOVE working out on my own. I am my own instigator, motivator and cheerleader. Yes, there is no one to high-five after a great workout, there is also ono-one who is more or less fit than you to compare yourself against and there is nobody to talk about the session with after. But that feeling afterwards when you are sweaty, breathing hard and feeling bad-ass (with a tight ass) is incomparable.

After my reset 40-day detox, where I was unable to do any form of exercise due to tendonitis, I am enjoying getting back on track with my fitness with the rushtushfitapp. I work out on average 3 to 4 times a week and because I do not go to the gym as yet, I have been walking, doing HIIT with an app or an exercise group in the park and once or twice some Zumba. I could not let circumstance (aka lockdown and social distancing) stop me from reaching my goals. But it is the strength sessions that I look forward to the most. Those sessions in my lounge, with the TV blaring something off Youtube for Kids, Anas roaming around my purple mat with kettlebell and medicine ball not far behind. I have done some exercises I struggled with before, some I never knew existed and some like burpees that we know and hate but we push through anyway.

I must sound crazy when I need to get five more push-ups in, feel depleted and I say loudly, “You got this Nuzzy!” I only realised I had said it aloud after I heard my son say to me “You can do this Mommy!” It was the cutest thing and made me finish my set with a smile on my face. Now when I grab my purple exercise mat, kettlebell and medicine ball, Zakariyya knows what coming and instantly puts the TV off and comes to join in.

My biggest moment where I realised how much stronger I was getting was in week 3 of the #rushtushfitapp “Beginner – lose weight” series. In the first week one of the exercises was a Push up to the Floor and for the life of me I could not go all the way down and bring myself back up. I could do a push-up with lots of huffing and puffing, but not all the way to the floor. Fast forward a few weeks later and I did it without a second thought and only realised after, how much I had progressed. Also, when I started I was like “I cannot cope with an 8kg kettlebell, get a 6kg rather”. Literally two weeks later and I regretted it as the 6kg was just too light. In general, now I do not have to lug my asthma pump with me, I take much less breaks between and in generally just feeling stronger!

The app has changed not only my fitness levels, but my mentality too. It has reminded me that I can do what I set my mind to; with or without cheerleaders. That I need to make the time to invest in myself and all good things come after. Work deadlines, kids and their constant need for snacks, WhatsApp and social media can wait for 30 to 40 minutes.

There is a certain power and fulfilment that comes from working out on your own. You know that no one else dragged your ass to that workout, no one else is sweating and no one else is putting in the work.

This is no damn team effort.

This is your hard work.

This is your dedication.

This is YOU.

Along the way, I have discovered a few tricks to keep on track:

~When I know I am having a full day of meetings then I get dressed first thing in the a.m. Sports bra, tights, sneakers, alles! Trust me, it works

~Drink your water like your life depends on it

~Eat at least one good nutritious meal a day (make half your plate green and you know you are on the right track)

~If you are breastfeeding mom like me, then feed the kid just before your workout; it alleviates a hangry baby and sore swollen boobs squished in a sports bra

~Always make time to move. Seriously even if it is only like a 15-minute walk down the road, do it!

The #rushtushfitapp makes exercising easily accessible, uses basic equipment, boosts your confidence and gives you lifelong lessons in how to use, trust and believe in your body. It has been one of my top three benefits of lockdown and your girl ain’t looking back!

Yours truly

Call me Nuz

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