Who am I?

A 40 year old Cape Malay girl born and bred in sunny Cape Town, South Africa.

Married to mid-30s Faeez aka #noaharkangel aka #ZwF hailing from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Mom to two boys #zakariyyanoah18 and #anasnoah18

Owner of one house, one cat, a couple of shelves of my favourite books and many opinions.  

Lover of all food smothered in cheese (read nachos, grilled cheese, chilli cheese fries, quarter pounder with cheese) and baked goods (current obsession: crunchies).

Harry Potter (books and movie), Greys’ Anatomy and Aliens aficionado.

Chartered accountant nerd who went for a job interview two weeks after having a baby and got the job (leaky boobs and all).

Type A person in home-life, work-life, social-life, life-life and aptly shaded yellow in the colour personality wheel.

Breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby led weaning, happy hugger mom life.

A super organized, composer of various to-do lists that de-stresses by packing cupboards and finding storage solutions.

Has fallen to the peer pressure of baking banana bread over the lockdown period and 2020 goal of losing pregnancy weight is long gone.

Serial Instagram® and Facebook ® poster that loves to record moments in life with a hashtag: #mymainsqueeze #gettingmarried #knockedup #babyboynoahiscoming #babynoah2iscoming

First time pretend blogger inviting you to go down the rabbit hole of adulthood and mom life, one post at a time.

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