Ready, Set, Reset!

As mentioned in the post “Glow Getter 2020“, a serendipitous moment led me to signing up a for a detox “Reset” programme with a nutritionist. Forty-one days ago armed with some knowledge, Metagenics supplements, weekly grocery hauls for fresh veg, non-grain bread, coconut flour products and super expensive Xylitol and a truck load of willpower; I re-started a personal challenge  to lose my pregnancy weight (from my first pregnancy close to five years ago).  Well so it started; the benefits I discovered 10 days in far outweigh just the weight loss.

Some background to the Reset detox:

~ In principle, the detox is designed to eliminate food elements and give your body a chance to “reset”

~ It lasts forty days

~ There are seven elements that are removed every fourth day.

~ At day twenty-two you start re-introducing elements one by one to identify the effect it has on your body.

~ Make better food choices going forwards, well hopefully at least

~ The programme was supported by three weigh-ins (beginning, middle and end), Zoom sessions and an amazing Whatsapp group of like-minded women with the common goal of making healthier choices.

~ For more information please follow the Facebook page for detailed guidance etc.

With eliminating the first two elements, I suffered through a week of intense migraines. I fell downright shitty. After about six or seven days the headaches went away and did not come back for a while. Even my allergy symptoms became non-existent and I stopped taking the meds I have been taking for years. I normally “thought” I had a weak bladder and was so used to running to the loo every twenty minutes. This time, I was drinking more than triple what I used to but I did not scramble to the toilet as often. I was regular (TMI I know lol), I went to sleep earlier and literally could not keep my eyes open past eleven pm. I felt less stressed and my skin started clearing up. After the first week I lost 3,7 kilograms and my nutritionist warned me not to expect the same results every week as this was mostly water; I am glad she did this as my expectations became realistic and I did not get despondent when I lost half a kilogram.

Initially it was all about losings grams and craving what my husband was eating but somewhere at about day ten it was more about how I was feeling. I was looking forward to seeing what I could rustle up that was tasty, nutritious and would keep me full. I tried intermittent fasting and instead of gorging myself on something lekker[2] during my eating window I planned balanced meals. I learnt to cover my plate with veg and eat this first to eat less of the carbs. I tried new dressings and to my shock didn’t die as I thought I would without Nola Mayonnaise. Midway through I went for a weigh-in and the scale said I was losing muscle mass as well; definitely not something I wanted. I upped my protein at every meal and I could feel a huge difference. I stayed satiated for longer (two meals a day suited me fine and did not affect my milk supply at all), my clothes were becoming looser and one of three of my tummy rolls started disappearing. From then it was smooth sailing. I lost weight steadily, ate about a ton of spinach and spent thousands of ZARS on Woolworths “ready-to-eat”  avocados.

I kept on removing elements from my meals until day 22 arrived and I had managed to stay on track throughout. I started adding back elements, one at a time and that is when the shit started. Literally.

I added back meat first and then coffee. Both of which I am not a huge consumer of. By day five, I had a headache from hell, which quickly morphed into a migraine. It lasted about a week. I continued to drop weight but I was not feeling great at all.  In the last few days of the Reset detox, I added milk to my tea and coffee and my allergy symptoms came back full force. With less than a week to go, I caved and ate cake the day I returned to work for the first time in 2020. I had a slice of cake (also the best chocolate cake I have ever had) and I terrible cramps and had to visit the loo. I blamed it on the psyllium husk[2] I was taking. Until I had another slice that night, (I told you it was the best chocolate cake I had ever had) and the same thing happened. My body literally could not handle sugar and was purging itself (again with the TMI). Yes, I had a wobble and had cake but in retrospect I am glad I did. It showed me the worst side effect I experienced by ingesting sugar. Not only does it make me pile on the kilos, but also it is just too addictive. Ever since then suddenly my tea tastes bland yet I have been having it without sugar for forty days now, huh? My nutritionist calls sugar a gateway drug lol. It is funny but it is so true, now I crave chocolate and I was fine without it for so long.

Yesterday was my last day on the detox. Overall, I was fine until about 30 days. Would I do something like this again, yes but not as intensively? I know now what affects me and what I need to eat in moderation. And yes not “eliminate” in its entirety because your girl cannot imagine the rest of her life sans chocolate or not having a lekker cup of Joko tea with dairy milk.

To date, I have lost 4.5 kilos (I had my last weigh in this morning) without one stitch of exercise due to my ankle injury. It is true that majority of weight loss happens in the kitchen. I have learnt so much including how to make my own almond milk and strawberry jam. I love spinach and not as a garnish but as a feature to every dish I make; I literally eat it with everything. I am so much more conscious of what I put in my body. It has been hard (sometimes really hard) but it has been so worth it. It has been just what I needed to kick-start my #rushtush #glowgetter journey which starts today as I still have 11 kilos to go to reach my pre-pregnancy weight.

I am using the RushTush® #mommaglow for breastfeeding moms and since my ankle is almost 100% healed, I will also be using the #rushtushfitapp for Android to start working out to help me reach my next goal. I know that I can achieve it with the three-month #glowgetter campaign. I am ready to get healthy, get fit and get glowing for 2021 and beyond!

Yours Truly…

Call me Nuz

[1] Adjective 1. good; pleasant. “the lekker local flavour of South Africa”

[2] Psyllium husks are commonly used for the regulation of bowel movements. This is mostly useful for chronic constipation or diarrhea. Due to confirmation by some positive studies, the use of psyllium husk is also recommended for irritable bowel syndrome.

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